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Beef Brisket

Kansas City Style Brisket

A classic in its own right, brisket is the Cadillac of the BBQ. We hand trim our brisket, rub it down with our beef rub, and let it cook low and slow using locally harvested fruit woods.


Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip

You can’t talk about BBQ in Cali if you don’t talk tri-tip. Cooked on our Santa Maria Grill, this is one of our favorites. We rub this down with our one of kind Peppery Beef rub and then cook it on an open flame. We hope this becomes one of your favorites too.

Pulled Pork!

Pulled Pork

How can you go wrong with Pork? Yum is all we hear when people try our pulled pork. We take our pork butt and add our delicious sweet and salty pork rub. We also add a little bit of that Kansas City flavor we are known for to give that perfect balance of sweet and salty with a little bit of bite.



Our Championship winning ribs are simply amazing! First, we take our ribs and add our sweet and savory Pork Rub, then slow cook them to perfection until you can pull clean off the bone. Simply delicious!



Our award winning chicken is one of our most popular items. We take boneless, skinless chicken thighs, dust them with a savory poultry rub, and grill them over an open flame. You mouth will appreciate you! Chicken breasts are available upon request.


Want a meat that you don’t see? We do a large variety
of meats that are non-competition meats such as
Salmon and Whole Turkey. Contact us for more details.

Mac & Cheese

Lindsay's Mac and Cheese

It wouldn't be BBQ without our homemade mac and cheese. We use a proprietary blend of cheeses that make for a delicious, creamy side that is a perfect compliment to any order.


Sante Fe Style Baked Beans

Another Classic. Our homemade southwestern style bean is a great compliment to our barbecue. This not sweet bean is a traditional favorite. And they are 100% vegan!

Baked Beans
Potato Salad

“My Mother in Law’s Potato Salad”

Classic ingredients but yummy. So I had a potato salad recipe which rocked and then tried my mother in law’s and then “acquired” the recipe. You will thank me later.


Side Salad

We can make this to your liking! From classic Caesar Salad to Spinach Salad.

Corn on the Cob

We lightly dust the corn with our rub for extra flavor and then cook it in the husk on the Santa Maria for that extra sweetness.

Oh yeah, and Corn Bread

Hey, its Corn Bread, you dont need a description for that!

We are Located in Sacramento, CA (916) 288-5673